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My name is Melody Mischke and I am a Women's Empowerment Coach. I specialize in helping women who feel trapped by their responsibilities, and who want more meaning in their incredibly full lives.

Do You...

  • Crave a clearer sense of purpose?
  • Hold yourself to exceptionally high standards?
  • Care deeply about those you love and about offering your unique gifts to the world?
  • Want to show up fully for all of it, but often find yourself stretched too thin?

An Invitation

If so, I would love to help you slow down, get crystal clear on what you really want, and identify the obstacles and self-limiting beliefs that may be sabotaging your dreams. Together, we can craft simple and elegant solutions that will allow you to give more of yourself to the things you most want to be doing—without feeling overextended or depleted. You deserve more ease, abundance, spaciousness, and meaning in your life. I would be honored to support you in making that a reality.

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What My Clients Are Saying...

Working with Melody was a prayer answered. She helped me open up a space that I had wanted to explore for decades, guiding the process with grace and confidence. The journey allowed me to release blocks that I had only ever dreamed of overcoming. It was nothing short of a miracle; truly life-changing! 

Kathy J.

What our customers are saying

Working with Melody was a unique and powerful experience from the first call. I immediately felt safe and cared for—like she understood me and was fully invested in my journey. Her keen sense of intuition and gentle guidance has encouraged me to see a new perspective—increasing my confidence, and allowing me to release limiting beliefs that had held me back for years.

I cannot thank her enough.

Mindi B.

What our customers are saying

Working with Melody is like soaking in a warm pool of water and stepping out of it with ease and strength. She is an exceptional listener. Speaking with her I feel seen and held. She creates a safe space that is easy to rest into. Healing happens from that alone. Her developed intuitive skill and her openness to spiritual guidance allow her to “read between the lines” and accurately follow the most salient thread in the process. She is nurturing and incisive at the same time. Melody weaves all these gifts into a form of service almost as beautiful as she is. Skill and magic!

Callie S.

What our customers are saying

Melody’s soothing and friendly voice made me feel very comfortable and safe. As Melody listed all the things that had come to her during our first session, I recognized literally everything as completely accurate (including the parts I hide so well). But she also connected a few things that had been loose puzzle pieces for me before. Working with Melody has been a very meaningful experience!

Maruja R.

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